JR – Greetings from Giza

HENI is delighted to present Greetings from Giza, the first NFT collection by JR. For the first time, the enigmatic artist is able to make ephemeral art persist through the use of blockchain. Greetings from Giza is a multi-layered collection that blurs the lines between the public and digital space, inviting the audience to not just own, but become part of the artwork.

On October 21st, the project and application period are launched with the installation of a large-scale public work in Giza, Egypt. In line with the years since this historic monument was constructed in 2570 BC, the artwork has been divided into 4,591 Greetings from Giza NFTs, each showing a unique detail of the work made up of black and white shapes.

The collection is on the Palm blockchain, which is a new token-powered ecosystem for NFTs connected to Ethereum by a bridge. It is 99% more energy efficient than proof of work systems such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. It also has low gas costs and fast transaction finality.