Gerhard Richter – Cage Prints

HENI Editions and Gerhard Richter launched six new prints in November 2020, each an edition of 200, based off Richter’s monumental ‘Cage’ paintings. There are six Cage paintings (1-6) and now six corresponding editions, representing each painting scaled down to 1 metre square (P19-1 to P19-6), all of which were sold via HENI Leviathan. In the ‘Cage’ paintings, square and abstract, Richter proceeded to push and pull seemingly endless layers of paint across the surfaces of his canvases in horizontal or vertical bands using his self-made squeegee. The bands of colour – grey, red, green, yellow, white and blue – are intermittently destroyed by Richter’s squeegee. Richter’s fluid technique produced heavily painted canvases which are rough and textured and scraped to reveal the obscured layers beneath in exciting bursts of colour.